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Tech Certification

How Do I Start the Process to Have our Technicians Certified?

That is a great question. Since the technician is coming to a class to get Certified on a specific manufacturers equipment, the technician is not getting trained on how to perform their job. So to begin this process the technician needs to have our Industry field experience, this could be Gas Stations, bulk plants or commercial sites. The main thing is they need to have an understanding of the business first and the possible dangers that this industry possesses.

For someone not properly trained in the safety aspect of their job, this can be dangerous or deadly. Gilbarco Veeder Root corporation does insist everyone has taken the "GVR Fueling Site Safety Course" as a supplement to your companies safety training. This GVR Technician Safety Course is NOT intended to be a sole resource for safety training but a supplemental to the Technicians Company Safety Program.

Who can Attend certification classes?

Gilbarco Dispenser/Pumps and Passport classes, only Technicians directly employed with a Gilbarco ASC, Distributor or CSC may attend certification classes. For Veeder Root TLS 350 and TLS 450 combined class anyone who gets permission from the training department can attend the TLS 350 and TLS 450 combined class as long as they are a certified "TLS Installer". For TLS 450 only class, only Technicians holding a valid TLS 350 certification can attend the TLS 450 only class.

I have a Technician that has fulfilled their 6 months of field experience, now what is the next step?

This is where the certification process begins. The "Service Manager" along with the Technician will visit the Technical Training Web Site fill out a "New Student Registration Form". After 24 hours a email will be sent with the Technicians new technician number along with how to access the LMS, Learning Management System. Here is where all certifications classes and recertification classes will be available for the Technician. Now choose which CTP, Certified Training Partner, location the Technician is going to attend. Download a registration form, fill it out according to the instructions and send to the appropriate CTP. Approximately two weeks before the class date, the emails addresses on the registration form will receive an email, instructing the Technician that he has been registered for the online portion of the class. Depending on the class and the Technician the online portion could take 1 hour to 10 hours to be completed. And YES this needs to be completed and passed before attending the Instructor led class. When the Technician completes and passes the online portion they will then email the Instructor for further instructions about the class.

Is there anything the Technician needs to bring to Class?

Every Technician needs to have their own laptop for all classes. Homework that is assigned nightly and Final Tests are all done on the LMS. Each Technician also needs to bring their own Lock Out/Tag out kit to class and prove the know how and when to use them. Some classes the Technician will also need to bring some small hand tools.

If I have any questions who should I contact?

Contacting Jerry Gurgone, Certified Trainer at Anderson Pump Service, with any questions about training at Anderson Pump Service can be accomplished by email at Jgurgone@andersonpump.com. If you wish to schedule special classes for the Technicians at your company only, this can also be done by email.